Formation à l’installation de Linux sur le site d’ Emmaüs Montpellier/Saint-Aunés

Nos amis de Montpel’libre (Pascal et Quentin) nous informent, qu’ils viennent de former deux compagnons de la communauté d’Emmaüs de Montpellier à l’installation de la distribution GNU/Linux Emmabuntüs, voir les photos de cette séance de formation sur la galerie photos … Lire la suite­­

BloLab : The First FabLab in Benin

The Republic of Benin is considered by the international experts as one of the more stable nations in Africa, thanks to its political and constitutional institutions. This state is extending its peace and stability tentacles to other domains like education, religion and obviously the information technology. This is within this good environment for developing digital projects that the maker lab named “BloLab” was born.

YovoTogo Diary-2017-6-Final

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This is a rest day in Bombouaka before we leave tomorrow to drive back to Sokodé. We run some errands in Dapaong, wash the car, meet with the team in charge of the Don Orione Center, exchanging fraternal and reciprocal thanks, before we take one last picture with the whole staff.