The (nearly) magic USB key !

Emmabuntüs got a

(nearly) magic key to refurbish computers.

Few days ago, we presented the method used by Emmabuntüs to quickly refurbish PCs. In this paper, our friend Amaury de Blabla Linux was showing on a video how fast and efficient this process was (2 minutes 42 for Emmabuntüs DE3 and 1 minute 20 for Debian-Facile 10.5.1). If you missed it, the real action is here !

Like GNU, refurbish a computer in less than 180 secs with Linux

The goal of this key is to facilitate the refurbishing project that was launched jointly by Debian-Facile and Emmabuntüs together with the support of Blabla Linux. To carry out this project Emmabuntüs decided to share its method and know-how on the subject : the famous refurbishing USB key !

And this is precisely today’s subject. After we saw its efficiency, it is time to learn how to make it 🙂

Please find hereafter two videos made by Blabla Linux on Youtube on this very subject.

The first one is the long version (40 minutes) explaining in details how to proceed, step by step, and is perfect for those who like to have a lot of details in order to take ownership of the topic :



The second one is a short presentation (less than 10 minutes), which summarizes each step succinctly, and is perfect if you want to quickly discover the process, or refresh your memory :



Please note that a playlist was created to gather all video on this subject. it is available here.

In addition of all the information included in these two videos, a document made by Debian-Facile summarizes all of it in a written form :

Debian-Facile document : Table of Contents

This document, as well as all the files and links useful for the creation of this refurbishing key are listed here.

if you are interested in reconditioning computers, either at a small or a large scale, and take part in the project, we hope that this information will be useful to you in order for you to use a little magic !

Have a good use 🙂

The original article was published by our friend Ange on the site