Formation à l’installation de Linux sur le site d’ Emmaüs Montpellier/Saint-Aunés

Nos amis de Montpel’libre (Pascal et Quentin) nous informent, qu’ils viennent de former deux compagnons de la communauté d’Emmaüs de Montpellier à l’installation de la distribution GNU/Linux Emmabuntüs, voir les photos de cette séance de formation sur la galerie photos … Lire la suite­­

Montpel’libre : the dragonfly of Liberty, from Equality to Fraternity.

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Eight years spent weaving its web beyond its boundaries, disseminating ideas on computers, on technologies and on social actions, thanks to its couple of antennae; and a couple of eyes to understand the mysteries of the world around, in order to better serve it; and a couple of wings to better cover the world through accessibility and humanitarian mapping parties; three couple of legs to better grasp the transmission of the free (as in freedom) software and better cope with all the encountered difficulties : this is how is made our Dragonfly [Libellule in French] Montpel’libre