On June 20 2016, the new Emmabuntüs DE is standing up !

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On June 20, 2016, the Emmabuntüs Collective is happy to announce the release of the new Emmabuntüs Debian Edition 1.00 (for the time being only the 32 bits version is available), based on Debian 8.5 distribution featuring the XFCE desktop environment.

This version was developed on top of the Framagit free platform with a high level of cooperation, in order for our friends from the JerryClan and Ayiyikoh Incubator in Ivory Coast and the DouaLab based in Cameron, to build their own derived version based on their their future projects.

Keeping in mind the Debian spirit, this version was designed with a strong emphasis on the community aspect, and the support from other community members like : Arpinux and Thuban from the HandyLinux distribution, who adapted their HandySoft/HandyUpdateChecker application to make it in run on EmmaDE, David and Francine from the Doualab, Hélène, Bruno and Jean-Christophe form the Emmabuntüs Collective, Moussa from the Ayiyikoh Incubator, François from Multisystem, Nicolas from Montpel’libre, Idéefixe, Grompf, JPSan and the bloggers Frédéric Bezies and Rodolphe.

Many thanks to all of them for their invaluable help and support.

Image : EmmaDE screen capture with new icons and HandyLinux applications.

On the technical side, this new version looks a lot like Emmabuntüs 3, which is based on Xubuntu 14.04 LTS, but is lighter and faster, according to our very first tests. So we are able to reuse the full set of the Emmabuntüs 3 tutorials hosted on the Developpez.com site, with the noticeable exception of the installation guide which shall be edited to take into account the specific Debian Life Installer.

This 1.00 version includes the following updates and improvements:

  • Distribution based on Debian 8.5
  • Addition of Libre and Non-Libre packets to support WIFI connections in Live mode
  • Addition of icons package Revival Icon Theme
  • Addition of HandySoft as new software center
  • Addition of HandyUpdateChecker as software update manager
  • Addition of HandyTri to sort out the files (documents, images etc …) for example in the Download folder
  • Addition of the MintLocal utility to handle the language installations
  • Addition of Scratch
  • Replacement of Gramps by Ancestris
  • Replacement of Arista by Transmageddon
  • Replacement of Iceweasel by Firefox-ESR
  • Addition of driver installation script of the Brother printers
  • Addition of script for screen saver image selection
  • Addition of the non-libre TurboPrint utility for printers support
  • and others fix see full version of the ad on our wiki.

This version is not intended to replace Emmabuntüs 3, which we will continue to support and to use for the computer refurbishing activities. In fact these two versions complement each other.

This version will be available as of June 20 2016, from our homepage: emmabuntus.org, or by using directly this link : download.emmabuntus.org.

We encourage you to give your aging computers to charities.