On August 1st, 2022, Emma DE4 2nd update

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On August 1st, 2022, the Emmabuntüs Collective is happy to announce its Emmabuntüs Debian Edition 4 1.02 (32 and 64 bits) update, based on Debian 11.4 Bullseye and supporting both Xfce and LXQt desktop environments.

This distribution was originally designed to facilitate the reconditioning of computers donated to humanitarian organizations, starting with Emmaüs communities (which is where the distribution’s name obviously comes from), to promote the discovery of GNU/Linux by beginners, as well as to extend the lifespan of computer hardware, in order to reduce the waste induced by the over-consumption of raw materials.

This new update of our distribution incorporates the improvements implemented in the recent Emmabutüs DE4 version supporting a better handling of both the UEFI and the Secure Boot, thanks to an update of our refurbishing key which now supports the saving and cloning operations with the Secure Boot option.

Map extracted from our interview by Linux-Format in March 2022 and showing the locations in North Togo of the computer rooms installed by YovoTogo, JUMP Lab’Orione and Emmabuntüs


For this version 1.02, the following and improvements and fixes have been implemented:

  • Based on the Debian 11.4
  • Added 64-bit UEFI boot with a 32-bit ISO and vice versa
  • Added installation of boot in UEFI 64 bits with a 32 bits ISO and vice versa
  • Added MemTest86+ launch in UEFI mode
  • Fixed not launching keyboard selection in SysLinux and GRUB
  • Fixed Zenity crash when installing new language packs
  • Fixed language change script due to Calamares
  • Fixed apt cache creation script
  • Updated Debian Beginner’s handbook 11.3
  • Updated Calamares slideshow by adding a slide about the reuse campaign and an updated version of the computer rooms map in Togo
  • Updated a new version of DWService agent and implemented a package
  • Updated gSpeech 0.11.0
  • Removed MultiSystem which has become obsolete
  • Removed Disconnect, HTTPS Everywhere extensions and use of Firefox functions
  • Removed deprecated ndiswrapper and ndisgtk
  • Used default Liberation Sans font in LXQt
  • Activation of boot-repair and os-uninstaller only live
  • Update: Firefox ESR 91.12.0, Thunderbird 91.12.0, Ventoy 1.0.79, Warpinator 1.2.9, Radiotray-NG 0.2.8, TurboPrint 2.53-1, boot-repair 4ppa200, Veracrypt 1.25.9, MintStick 1.4.9


This version will be available from August 1st 2022, on this download page download.emmabuntus.org