2017-09 Emmabuntus collective is back to work

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The activity of our Emmabuntüs collective is restarting after the French summer vacations and this is the right time-frame to tell you that the Lilo alternative search engine, which helps financing humanitarian and environment friendly projects, just achieved a nice video clip presenting our actions, together with those of our solidarity friends, in the frame of the computer reuse and the education in France, in Africa and also in Nepal, thanks to the availability of the GNU/Linux operating system !

A big thank to the whole Lilo team for making this very nice video clip, that we will release on September 12, 2017.

Screen capture of the Lilo video :
“The LILO search engine presents EMMABUNTÜS”

We are also extremely happy to announce that, this year, we will continue to work with the magazine L’âge de faire (covering topics like ecology, responsible citizenship, and solidarity at both the local and international level), in order to raise the awareness of their readers on the advantages to use solutions free software based solutions. For the future papers, our friend and free designer Péhä will continue to brighten our articles, and we will also enlarge our collaboration with Miamondo, the blog of our friend Benoît, on which we will also publish our articles.

First appearance of GUN and Tux in Pehä's workFirst appearance of GUN and Tux in Pehä’s work
and here another glimpse of his talent

After the vacations, in September, we are going to release the version 2 of our Emmabuntüs Debian Edition, based on Debian 9 Strech, which will be presented as a preview at the Espace de la Révolution Numérique (Digital Revolution Forum) during the “Fête de l’Humanité”, where you are very welcome to meet us and our friends Péhä, Odysseus Libre, and – of course – the members of our collective from the Paris area.

This event will take place from September 15 to 17 in the “Parc de la Courneuve” (Near Paris), and you can find all the information about the exhibitors and the discussions on this collaborative fund-raising page supporting this big gathering.

Poster for the Digital Revolution Forum at the “Fête de l’Humanité”
designed by Péhä

During the month of October 2017, our friends of YovoTogo and JUMP Lab’Orione (United Youngsters for a World of Progress) are going to inaugurate 4 new training rooms in Togo, in the premises of the Asrama (Highlands region), Agbélouvé (Coastal region), Cinkassé (Savannah region) high-schools, as well as at the Cfpn-s orphanage of Mango (also in the Savannah region). These training rooms will be equipped with 121 refurbished computers running Emmabuntüs, which are currently on their way to their final destination in Togo. Patrick, from our collective, will accompany our friends Marie-Paule and Claude of the YovoTogo association, during their journey to the Togo, and he will use this opportunity to run several training sessions on computer refurbishing, based on Jerry (rustic computer using recycled hardware assembled in a 20 litres [5 gal] plastic container) and on the maintenance issues raising when one supports an inventory of more than 250 computers. All our solidarity actions shall be related daily on Benoit’s Miamondo blog.

 Young students at the Namoundjoga high-school

Young students in front of their first computer
at the Namoundjoga high-school

During this journey, and with the close collaboration of our YovoTogo and JUMP Lab’Orione friends, we are also going to prepare the year 2018 season, during which we plan to open new computer training classes, and, last but not least, participate to the implementation of their important FabLab project in 2018 at Dapaong.

This FabLab will focus on three main points :

  • Production of prostheses, using 3D printers, for the disabled children of the Don Orione Center of Bombouaka, which is supported since more than 6 years by YovoTogo.

  • Providing the youngsters of this region the access to new techniques, and in particular at the CRETFP (Regional Center for Technical and Professional Trainings) in Dapaong.

  • Innovation in the field of Design for Additive Manufacturing with effective 3D printers, achievable in Africa, and using solutions based only on free software.

 First fingers printed by the Scara of OpenHardware

 First fingers produced by the e-NABLE Phoenix Hand v2 project
and printed by the Scara of OpenHardware

A lot of friends are joining us to go through this new adventure, and to permanently staff this project which has already started :

  • Roberto from the Humanitarian Prosthetists & Orthotists (HP&O) organization, who is a specialist who realized already several orthopedic missions in the Don Orione Center since 2013. The goal of HP&O is to make the orthopedic equipments accessible to all. To achieve this, HP&O encourage the creation of ORTHOLAB section by partnering with FabLabs, limb-fitting centers and all collaboration and sharing places. Within the ORTHOLAB section, HP&O will make available a 3D printer and a scanner.

  • François Fabre from OpenHardware and founding member of LABSud (the FabLab of the Montpellier area), co-leader of the 3D printing activity, and designer at LABSud of 3D printers for large corporations. These days, he is working on a 3D printer design, based on the SCARA kinematic, the Scarlette3D (see the RepRap forum for more information), which emulate a human arm displacement in space. This kinematic enables a relatively easy 3D printer manufacturing process of the mechanical parts. A functioning prototype has been developed, and this 3D printer will equip the future FabLab of Dapaong to generate the local prostheses. François will be one of the technical advisors for the implementation of this FabLab and its associated hardware, and he should be part of the solidarity YovoTogo journey to Togo in 2018, in order to run in place training sessions for the JUMP Lab’Orione and Dapaong CRETFP members.

  • David Rochelet, founder of the DouaLab in Cameron, will also be another of our technical advisors for the implementation of this project. David is also member of our collective and covering Africa activities for the Makery.info site.

Short video of the OpenHardware Scarlette3D in action !

Thanks for continuing to support our actions and those of our friends through the Lilo alternative search engine, because, according to our African friends :

“Alone one walk faster, all together we go further !”