June 6, 2012, the Emmabuntüs 2 finally arrived ;-)

The Emmabuntüs 2 (12.04) distribution, based on Xubuntu will be online this Wednesday, June 6th, 2012 after a four months long intensive tests period made by our staff members.

I would particularly thank them for their ideas, patience and their devotion. Without them this work would have not been possible.

This version will be our last beta before the final release between July and September 2012, and it actually works as smooth as the stable releases of other distros, even gossips even say it works better ;-). So for people who only believes in what they see here is a small tour :

  • Quick Setup Mode through automation scripts that allow you to use :

  • DVD

  • Unetbootin

  • The famous Multisystem, which is our preferred solution since we work with Frafa, the maintainer and a member of our comunity.

  • These modes are characterized by four installation type :

  • 1st type: Live mode

  • 2nd type: Regular mode

  • 3rd type: Simplified installation with few choices :

  • Language

  • Partitioning

  • Keyboard

  • The configuration of the main account.

  • 4th type: Ultra-simplified installation with even fewer choices :

  • Partitioning

  • Keyboard

  • The last mode is our prefered to deploy the distribution on our reconditionned machines to avoid and reduce repetitive tasks. The default language is French, and the default user will be “emmabuntus” with the password “ avenir 

  • Standalone installation, without Internet. Everything is in the distribution :
  • Yes everything you need is in the distribution with th full support of three languages: (English, French, and Spanish)
  • 7 versions of the dock in the following languages :   French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian and Arabic
  • It is also a reason for his obesity, but it is difficult to have everything in life 😉
  • Optional non-free software installation includes:
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Audio and video codecs (separately installable)

  • Skype, no introduction needed

  • Teamviewer to help grandmother to configure the remote printer

  • Picasa (future implementation obsolete because Google must consider “Linux as a has been platform”)

  • Some small fonts from Micro$oft to allow interoperability with the rich people who have Word 2007 and think that everyone has this wonderful editor since he is paying and sending shamelessly format documents .docx with the last melting at Micro$oft. Calibri for melting does not name a Micro$oft has forgotten to include in the pack of fonts for the poor on Linux. Well this font and her friends can be integrated in Emmabuntüs 2 with one click and a password. All takes less than a minute installation on your visit at MacDonald (only WiFi) to benefit from an internet connection, because we do not want to violate the law of the rich is always the best 😉

  • An additional 60 applications, I’m not going to describe them all and I refer you to these pages :

  • A dock for ergonomics and unity in all our distributions

  • Less bugs, securing the installation on our test machine, super courtesy of JM. I mean the first 2CV from AMD, the Athlon XP 1700 + Socket A or 462, supercharged with 512 MB of RAM. A super machine that our dear collector JM is particularly fond of, and which has become over testing our yardstick for testing. Well, on this machine running the Emmabuntüs, the luxury of JM is to watch “HOME » on Youtube. This is a non faking proof and this image is contractual 😉

In any case in our collective was a motto now:
If you are not satisfied with Emmabuntüs,
this is not a problem we will refund on the spot 😉 “


So when I talk to other libristes, a remark that I heard this weekend at the Free Software First Saturday, from a person that I like is “This new version is very fluid with 2 GB of RAM”. I prefer to say nothing, or say that’s fine, but when the 4 GB to run a Linux distro? I remind people that some distros, like the Puppy Linux, are still running with less than 256MB of RAM. We have not done that simply because our objective is to rebuild computers 10 years of age, up to allow them a second life, and bring money to organizations in need. Instead of letting them to end their lives at the other end of the world in dismantling, or being abandoned in wild areas wher nobody is going. It’s a shame to let that happen without a word from our governments !!!

So, to answer Cyrille B., the hardest to understand is our name, the rest is easy. It is a metaphysical problem to some of you: we offer to call our distro, following a Cyrille B.’s idea, “LinuX for all”, or for more LXFA hype, but finaly we called it Emmabuntüs with or without Emmaus and Ubuntu at the base, as it is for us very pretentious to say that this symbolizes Linux distribution and is for everyone, this is somewhat true and false at the time, she is best for one person “My dearest Mrs. Michu” working on a proprietary OS and poorly designed! Our goal is not to take market share to other Linux distributions, nor to convince libristes Emmabuntüs to install, it is the others that we want to convince 😉

This version is available on both :

If you have any concerns or comments
Please contact us at contact


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