July 14th, 2012, the Emmabuntüs 2 make its Free revolution ;-)

The Emmabuntüs team is happy to announce the publication, on July 14th, 2012, of the first stable release for Emmabuntüs 2 1.00 based on a Xubuntu 12.04. This distro was designed to facilitate the refurbishing of computers given to human help associations, especially Emmaüs communities (where the name come from) and promote the discovering of Linux and GNU by beginners. This thousandth Linux distro is intended to be sleek, accessible, equitable.
For this version, the following changes have been made:

  • Implementation of 7 languages in cairo-dock (En, Fr, Es, Ar, De, It, Pt) in addition of 3 dock levels for each language (experts, beginners and children) with “one click” switch


  • New script for easy installation of Calibri font for a better interoperability with a certain office suite  ;-)
  • Better videos support with 2 versions of the Adobe Flash reader you can choice to install or not 😉
  • Better integration of free culture, with the possibility to install this at the end of installation process. Elsewhere, we will use this functionality to propose a flash disk named « VRP du Libre » (« Free software salesman ») from actual month on Multisystem site, and containing a library of 300 eBooks from the site, 13 music albums from Jamendo, and 3 versions of Wikipedia (En, Fr, Es), all this on a 16 Go high quality flash disk from Transcend brand



Addition of following softwares comparing to Emmabuntüs 10.04 previous version :

  • Communication : parental control filter (Blocksi) and anti-tracking (Ghostery) in browsers, and integration of the cloud computing like : UbuntuOne, Dropbox, and so on
  • Office : Calibre, Grammatical extension “Language tool” included in LibreOffice
  • Audio : Easytag, Sound Juicer, Sound Converter, Pulseaudio-equalizer
  • Video : Smplayer, Openshot, WinFF
  • Photo : Pinta, Gimp
  • System tools : BleachBit, Déja Dump, TeamViewer, Gufw, MintNanny, Xl-wallpaper, Flash-Mint

This release will be available on July 14, 2012, from our front page: emmabuntus.org, but also from Freetorrent.fr
Here are some links to install and use this distro :


If you have any trouble or remarks,
you can contact us on : page of contact

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