Emmabuntüs : They talk about

Cet article est la version anglaise de l’article “Emmabuntüs : Ils en parlent” afin de recenser les sites en langue anglaise qui parlent de nos actions.

For those who do not yet know Emmabuntüs distributions, we have made this article, on the advice of Jean-Marie, to identify the speaking notes of our distros. I especially want to thank him for having had this great idea. But when I read the comment from kowari, it made me very happy to see our work was also appreciated outside France.

We also wish to thank everyone who took the time to have taken a ticket, or an article on our work.

This article attempts to identify the articles talking about our work, but if you find an omission on our part, please let us know by visiting the contact page.


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Linux notes from DarkDuck

The Ivorian Adventure of Jerry and Emma
by Cyriac Gbogou and Translate by David Rochelet
on 27/02/2014

Linux notes from DarkDuck

When Jerry met Emma on the Ivory Coast
by Cyriac Gbogou and Translate by David Rochelet
on 16/01/2014


Emmabuntüs 2 1.06 Will Keep Your Old Computer Alive
by Silviu Stahie
on 03/01/2014

Linux notes from DarkDuck

I have no intention of ending my relationships with Linux
by Serge, David, and Dmitry aka DarkDuck
on 26/12/2013


Distribution Release: Emmabuntüs 12.04.3-1.06
by Ladislav Bodnar
on 19/11/2013

Linux notes from DarkDuck

The Joint Contest of Emmabuntus and Linux notes from DarkDuck
by Dmitry aka DarkDuck
on 14/11/2013

Make Tech Easier

Emmabuntüs – A Distro Tailor-made For Refurbished Computers
by Mayank Sharma
on 25/10/2013

Linux notes from DarkDuck

Patrick d’Emmabuntüs: Emmabuntüs is more than a Linux distribution
by Dmitry aka DarkDuck
on 24/09/2013

Linux, BSD, and Other OS Screenshots

Emmabuntus2 1.05 Screenshots
by Chris Haney
on 25/07/2013


Distribution Release: Emmabuntüs 12.04.2-1.05
by Ladislav Bodnar
on 22/07/2013

Everyday Linux User

Emmabuntus 2 – The French Revolution
by Gary Newell
on 22/05/2013

Linux Panda

Emmabuntüs 2 Xfce 32-bit Review : A Linux distro that works out of the box without internet connection
by LinuxPanda
on 18/05/2013

My Linux Explore

Emmabuntus 12.04.2-1.04 Review: Xubuntu LTS spiced up!
by Arindam Sen
on 09/04/2013


Distribution Release: Emmabuntüs 12.04.2-1.04
by Ladislav Bodnar
on 03/04/2013


on 14/02/2013



on 15/01/2013


Emmabuntüs 2 : Installation
by jak58
on 09/01/2013

Linux, BSD, and Other OS Screenshots

Emmabuntus2 1.03 Screenshots
by Chris Haney
on 18/12/2012


Emmabuntüs (DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 487, 17 December 2012)
by Ladislav Bodnar
on 17/12/2012


Emmabuntüs 2 1.03
by Silviu Stahie
on 12/12/2012


the Emmabuntüs 2 celebrates Al-Jerry
by Fel
on 11/12/2012

Jerry, the DIY server

Emmabuntüs meets Jerry
by Romain
on 06/12/2012


Emmabuntus 2.1.01 Review
by Panos Georgiadis
on 30/08/2012

Linux notes from DarkDuck

Emmabuntus 2: an All-Inclusive French Resort
by DarkDuck
on 26/08/2012


New Lightweight Linux Distro Emmabuntüs Released
by Saurav Modak
on 16/08/2012


Emmabuntüs 2 1.0 ( Emmabuntüs 2 1.01 )
by Silviu Stahie
on 16/07/2012

Get Linux

Emmabuntüs 2 1.00 ( Top 6 Linux Distros for beginners )
by Get-Linux Team
on 15/07/2012


Emmabuntüs (France)
by LWN.net Team
on 11/07/2012


Emmabuntüs 1.02 ( Emmabuntüs 1.02 Available for Download )
by Silviu Stahie
on 04/05/2012

N3MTJ Linux Forum

All *buntu > Emmabuntüs
by Melloe
on 03/26/2012


DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 449, 26 March 2012
by Jesse Smith and Ladislav Bodnar
on 03/26/2012