August 4th, 2012, the Emmabuntüs 2 continues its Free revolution ;-)

The Collective Emmabuntüs is pleased to announce the release on the night of August 4, 2012, for the first major release of Emmabuntüs 2 1.01 based on Xubuntu12.04. This distro was designed to facilitate the refurbishing of computers given to human help associations, especially Emmaüs communities (where the name comes from) and promote the discovering of Linux and GNU by beginners. This thousandth Linux distro is intended to be sleek, accessible, equitable.

This update was not provided with the release of stable version 3 weeks ago, but after some very pertinante remarks close to the relevant group, and some anomalies, we decided to implement them, to bring to all surfers who dared to install a new distribution and not widely known, even more ease of installation, and celebrate in our own way on the night of August 4 (in french), where all changes are possible !!!

For this new version, the following enhancements and fixes have been made :

  • Support for Wubi, to facilitate and simplify the discovery of Emmabuntüs from a non-Free platform and widespread. This makes Emmabuntüs but also installable Ubuntu and its derivatives, and uninstalled as a program. Why you put in the same folder your ISO file with the suitable executable Wubi for Emmabuntüs 2 1.01, then you run the executable, and let yourself be guided by the installer. To unintallit’s even simpler you launch this executable 😉 This method eliminates the need to partition the hard drive disk, thus making the handling far less risky.

  • Changing the installation scripts to allow entry of passwords in a graphics window, thanks to the advice of Frafa from Multisystem (in french) 😉
  • Changing the size required on the hard drive disk for installation following a remark by Cyrille Borne (see here his (in french)  analysis of Emmabuntüs 2), now it will be 15 GB to install Emmabuntüs 2.

  • Deleting a deposit in google that caused some problems to users following the judgment of the deposit. This deposit was scheduled for the update of Picasa software, but unfortunately it will not be available on platforms Free

  • Not amending the list of too many software in the Emmabuntüs 2, but you are not obliged to use all of them. For my part I never use Bonhomme patate (KTuberling), but when kids friends come home, the young visitors are very pleased to use it, and when they leave, I don’t have to spend an hour in store toys spread everywhere, like I did when my son was young, I just turn off the computer, I don’t know if this is a progress, but it’s less restrictive 😉


This release will be available on August 4, 2012, fromour front page :, but also from,and we encourage you finally to go to the Free software world with Emmabuntüs or other, to abolish the privileges privateurs !!!

Here are some links to install and use this distro :
List of applications, Installation, Personalization, but also the traditional FAQ

If you have any trouble or remarks,
you can contact us on : page of contact

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