PDF version of this manual.

Manual of the main shortcuts necessary to use the accessibility functions of Emmabuntüs Debian Edition 5 under X F C E.

Warning : these accessibility shortcuts do NOT work under Emmabuntüs’ L X Q T environment.

Note: The Super key is also called the Windows key.


Accessibility audio aid

Alt Super H

Accessibility visual aid

Alt Super V

Shortcuts audio aid compact version. This document.

Control Super S

Shortcuts visual aid compact version. This document.

Control Super V

Shortcuts audio aid full version

Control Alt Super S

Shortcuts visual aid full version

Control Alt Super V

Main accessibility applications

Launch accessibility configuration

Alt Super A

Launch Orca

Alt Super O

Launch Compiz

Alt Super C

Secondary accessibility applications

Firefox ESR : Internet browser

Super W

LibreOffice Writer : word processor

Super O

Elograf : voice dictation

Alt Super E

Geany: text editor

Alt Super G

eBook-speaker : digital book audio player

Alt Super B

Kiwix : offline encyclopedia audio player

Alt Super K

TuxTyping : typing tutor for children

Alt Super T

Ocrizer : document scanner in OCR mode

Alt Super R

Audio playback of library digital books

Alt Super L

Visual reading of library digital books

Alt Super P


Display desktop

Alt M

Computer shutdown

Alt S

Open terminal window

Super T

Open file explorer

Super E

Close window

Alt F4

Switch between windows

Alt Tab

Switch between windows in reverse order

Alt Shift Tab

Open Whisker menu

Super S

Open applications menu

Alt F1

Audio management

Increase speaker volume

Alt Shift Up Arrow

Decrease speaker volume

Alt Shift Down Arrow

Mute speaker

Alt Shift Left Arrow

Activate speaker

Alt Shift Right Arrow

Utility management

Test of Internet connection

Alt Super X

Configure Internet devices such as Wi-Fi

Alt Super N

Update system

Alt Super U

Key lock status: caps, numeric keypad

Alt Super M

Authorize remote control of your computer

Alt Super W

Capture the screen and send it to the images server

Alt Super Y

Orca screen reader

The Orca key is Insert on desktop and Shift on laptop

Quit Orca

Orca F4

Stop the current sentence reading


Activate the learning mode, then press either F1 for Orca help, F2 for Orca global shortcuts or F3 for Orca contextual shortcuts.

After pressing each function key, press Escape to exit this mode.

Note: The keypad lock must not be activated.

Orca H

Read the bar title

Orca T

Read the document full content

Control Home Arrow then Orca Down Arrow

Read the full window

Orca Home Arrow

Toggle the Orca sound

Orca S

Compiz accessibility functions

Increase zoom

Control Up Arrow

Decrease zoom

Control Down Arrow

Cursor visibility yes/no

Super K

Increase window or background brightness

Shift Up Arrow

Decrease window or background brightness

Shift Down Arrow

Thunar File system explorer


Move selection

Up and Down Arrows

Navigate in the folder

Left and Right Arrows

Back to the previous folder


Go to parent folder

Alt Up Arrow

Open the selected folder

Alt Down Arrow

Divide the view in two panels


Open the address bar for direct navigation

Control L

Files selection

Select all items

Control A

Extend selection upward or downward

Shift Up or Down arrow

Files operations

Copy selected files

Control C

Cut selected files

Control X

Paste cut or copied files

Control V

Delete selected files


Undo previous action

Control Z

Other shortcuts

Rename selected file


Refresh the view


Show hidden files

Control H

Open the contextual menu

Alt Escape

Firefox internet navigator


Open new tab

Control T

Close current tab

Control W

Go to next tab

Control Tab

Go to previous tab

Control Shift Tab

Select address bar

Alt D or Control L

Reload current page

F5 or Control R

Go to previous page

Alt Left Arrow

Go to newt page

Alt Right Arrow

Narrate mode

Switch to read mode

Control Alt R

Toggle audio playback


Browsing the page :

Scroll down page


Scroll up page

Shift Escape

Find text on page

Control F

Find next

Control G or F3

Find previous

Control Shift G or Shift F3


Go to the tab number

Control + 1 to 9

Managing bookmarks and history

Add page to bookmarks

Control D

Open the downloads folder

Control J

Read Aloud Firefox audio playback extension

This extension can only work with an Internet connection, and enables the use of a wide range of free and non-free voice synthesizers. By default, we have activated the generic Read Aloud text-to-speech, which adapts the language according to the text on the page being read.

Read the page in audio playback

Alt P

Stop audio playback

Alt O

Go to next paragraph

Alt Down Arrow

Go to previous paragraph

Alt Up Arrow

Reader view another Firefox audio playback extension

This extension can be used without Internet connection, and allows you to enhance encyclopedia reading in the Kiwix reader by using the voice synthesizers present in Emmabuntüs. By default, we have activated the French version.

Switch to read mode

Alt X

Switch to audio playback mode

Control Shift S

Go to next paragraph

Control Shift Down Arrow

Go to previous paragraph

Control Shift Up Arrow

eBook-speaker audio reader for ePub formatted books

Stop Orca speech synthesis




Read selected file


Move up in the parent directory

Left Arrow

Enter the file explorer


Insert a bookmark


Pause / Resume reading


Mute the sound


Kiwix offline encyclopedia reader server

In accessibility mode, Kiwix is launched in server mode and a script automates the reading of its content by Firefox. To use Kiwix in accessibility mode, simply type the Alt Super K shortcut.
To experience a easier reading of articles in Firefox, use its Reader View extension.

Go to search box

Alt Shift S

Go to encyclopedia home page

Alt Shift N

Go to Kiwix home page

Alt Shift W

Go to a random article page

Alt Shift D

Toggle Firefox reading mode

Alt Control R

Enable audio playback in Firefox reading mode